Bidmaster Training Programme

Boost your bid and proposal skills by becoming a trained bidmaster

The BiD Masters training programme commences with the Fundamentals course, which aims to ensure a clear understanding of the common basics of the bidding profession. This feeds into specialist training in the key areas:
Bid Management; Bid Communications; Bid Capability; Bid Knowledge Management and Client Liaison.


Whether you are new to the profession or simply want to refresh your skills, these courses will equip you with the professional knowledge and capabilities required to succeed in your chosen role within the profession.


The training has been developed in partnership with award-winning training provider, The JGA Group, noted for its innovative delivery of the Bid and Proposal Coordinator apprenticeship.




Explore the courses by clicking on the links below. Then register your interest for your chosen course.

Whether you are new to the profession, an “accidental” bidmaster, or a seasoned professional in need of professional development, this training programme from BiD Masters, delivered by the JGA Group, will boost your skills.