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ITT/RFP Analysis

On receipt, we analyse the ITT/RFP and provide you with a report on the key information you need to respond in a complete, compliant and compelling way.


Book Plan

From our analysis, we create a book plan detailing all of the documents required for submission, structured in a logical order. This ensures you don’t miss any key requirements.


Bid Schedule

We create a bid production schedule to achieve the key dates, designed to optimise your time and resources. This is created on our cloudbased tool and is accessible on-line.


Response Outline with guidance

To ensure the response meets the requirements of the ITT/RFP, we structure an outline response with guidance on how to complete the document to achieve the highest score.


Response Review

Once your subject matter experts have populated the response documents, we review them and provide our assessment of how it will score, together with guidance on potential improvements.



Our cloud-based tools, developed over many years, enable you to control and track the progress of your response.


Branded Word Document Template

To give your proposal the professional look, we design a Word template, branded appropriately, which meets the requirements specified in the ITT/RFP.


Response Writing

As part of the Ultimate package, or as an optional extra, our team of specialist authors rework your technical submissions into consistent and compelling responses.


Response Graphics

As part of the Ultimate package, or as an optional extra, our team of specialist graphic designers create informative and captivating graphics.



Before the response is finalised, we proofread for grammar, spelling and consistency.



As the final step, we format the document to ensure it is structured correctly, meets any page caps and looks impressive. First impressions really do count.


Help Desk

Throughout the duration of the response preparation, you will have unlimited access to the BiD Masters Help Desk.


Our specialist cost-effective products are available to support your competitive tendering.

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We advise, guide and support you to improve the quality of your proposals and consequently increase your contract win probability. We provide packages of essential support tailored to the size of the contract.