Virtual Bid Team
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Virtual Bid Team

Building and maintaining an internal team of bid specialists can be a challenge, as there are many skills required and they need to be mobilised rapidly when an opportunity arrives.


Throughout the year your Virtual Bid Team will be available to respond to your general enquiries, process improvement, and training in winning business. They will also help you to develop your knowledge bank of plans, policies, and case studies to act as evidence to support your proposals. Then when an opportunity arrives the team is ready to support the preparation of your tender document as soon as it arrives.



For a single monthly fee, we will provide the variety of support you need, precisely when you need it. You will be appointed a point of contact who will act as your account manager.

The Virtual Bid Team is a simple subscription model:

  • you select the number of days support you require
  • you select the term, usually annual, but minimum 6 months
  • we assign the most appropriate team for your business sector
  • you make fixed monthly payments, in advance
  • together we help you win more business.



We recognise that every organisation’s needs are different and therefore our service is flexible to reflect this. We tailor the support to align with your needs, pipeline and budget. Accordingly, we have simplified our pricing based on a single harmonised rate for any Bidmaster. This rate is reduced according to the number of days per month you require up to a maximum of 10 days. For more than 10 days we will quote a price separately.

It provides:

  • a fixed rate for the duration of the term
  • ad hoc additional days can be added at the same rate
  • time is accrued on an hourly basis
  • unused days can be rolled over to the next term
  • access to our online Fundamentals of Bidding course



The benefits include:

  • increasing discounts against our standard rates
  • no need to define exactly when support is needed
  • simplicity of procuring support
  • you are familiar with our team
  • our team is familiar with your business
  • speed of responding to requests.


This is ideal for the widest range of organisations, from those new to bidding or with a low throughput of pursuits, through to major corporations with peaks and troughs in their pursuits.


Let us become your Virtual Bid Team, to provide you with the full range of professional expertise, necessary to win contracts through competitive tendering. The team will act either as your entire bid team or to augment your existing team by filling your capability or capacity gaps.