BiD Masters

Contract Winning Culture

You have a "must win" contract opportunity, but the people you need are busy doing their "day job." Your bid response is the key to convincing the buyer to select you from the competition, but preparing that tender is a specialist task. You need the right team of specialists to prepare the winning bid.

BiD Masters is here to advise, guide and support companies of all sizes to maximises their win probability.


Our advice ranges from major consultancy projects, bid reviews, specialist areas or even a quick call to our help desk. Whatever the problem regarding competitive tendering, our team of experts are on-hand to provide advice.


The BiD Masters specialists are available to guide your team through the process to solve the immediate problem of winning the specific contract opportunity.


The BiD Masters support team is available to fill your resource gaps. Our comprehensive team of experts fulfil all roles required to deliver a winning bid. In fact some clients hand the entire bid production to our team.