Is Infrastructure the Next Big Growth Area in the UK?

While the UK still doesn’t exactly have Covid-19 under control, at BiD Masters, we can see a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Make that two glimmers: they’re called Pfizer and AstraZeneca. Vaccination rollout is going to take some time, but even at this early stage, there are whispers that we’re on the road to recovery, in more ways than one. Economic health may seem a way off still, but some sectors are likely to fare better than others. One…

Start Ups and Career Pivots: Four reasons now may be a good time to set up a new business

Echoing the situation in large swathes of the world, the UK economy is struggling and unemployment is on the rise. There’s a theory, though, that an economic downturn signals the perfect time for an entrepreneur to start up a new business. It’s why BiD Masters accelerated plans to introduce its franchise model. Here are a few of the reasons why now might be the right time to invest in a new venture: 1. The New Normal   There’s much talk…

Winning Bids: Five ways to get the most out of your outsourced bid support

It may seem obvious, but there are reasons bid support companies like BiD Masters exist. Not every organisation has in-house bid specialists – we call them bidmasters – and even those that do can benefit from an external perspective and best practice. Bringing in outsourced support, though, comes at a cost. Here are five ways to increase the value you get for your money. Who’s your new best friend? Start by asking what capability or capacity gaps you have in…

Who you need as a bidmaster: Tips to help you choose the best bid support

There are multiple support roles within a bid team, and whether you are part of a large organisation, a small to medium enterprise (SME), a micro-SME or a one-man band, if you’re considering outsourcing bid support, you need to know what you want. Put simply, the answer will always be: I want someone who can help me win my bid. But who is that person? Before you engage someone to help you craft that winning bid, you need to decide…

What time is it? Choosing the optimal timing to bring in outsourced support

Timing is everything. That’s as true in bid work as it is in stand-up comedy. Bring in your support too early and you may end up paying more than you need to, bring your support in too late and you run the risk of not hitting the bid deadline or putting in a sub-standard response. At BiD Masters, we’re happy to help at any point, but there are optimal times depending on who and what you need. So when do…

Where to start? How to kick things off when you’re outsourcing bid work

You’ve decided to bid and you’ve finished a preliminary breakdown of the ITT, PQQ or customer’s instructions, questions and evaluation criteria to formulate an idea of what’s required. This breakdown will help you determine what bid support you need and how long you need it for, which impacts cost. Now you need to talk timing with your bidmaster. A number of bid agencies will bill whatever they quoted you for, so you need to be accurate on how many days…