Apprenticeships for Bid and Proposal Coordinators

How do you become a bid professional? For many companies, winning work through competitive tendering is the norm. This means the people preparing bids are incredibly important. Bidding is a fast-paced, high-stress environment. It necessarily involves interaction with people from different backgrounds, both work and personal, and a broad range of skills. No doubt, all bid professionals could benefit from better training.   In the 25 years BiD Masters has been involved in business development, the bid and proposal preparation…

How to Make the Bid/No Bid Decision

Arguably the most important decision you make during your bid process is deciding whether to bid or not for a particular opportunity. This important decision is often overlooked, as some businesses opt for the ‘gut feeling’ decision and dive feet first into a bid without seriously evaluating how well the opportunity fits their capabilities and how competitive they can be throughout the tender process.   What is the harm in not undertaking a bid/no bid exercise I hear you ask?…

Is Bid Writing for you? 7 Essential Skills for Bid Writers

If you’re like most, bid writing is not a career you’ve heard a lot about. At BiD Masters, we’ve noticed that most people in bids have either stumbled into it, met someone in the industry, or been pulled onto a bid as a sideline to a work role. If you want to know more about what’s involved in bid writing, read this post, but if you want to know whether bid work might be a career option for you, read…

The importance of learning

There’s a tendency to think of learning as something that finishes when formal education ends, but at BiD Masters, we know the reality is we continue learning throughout our lives. The more experiences we have, and the more varied those experiences are, the more we learn. Learning is a natural part of our existence.   The same is not always true of workplace learning, yet it plays an important role in promoting work efficiency and in personal development. When it…

Big Data and Big Opportunities

Let’s face it – we live in a data-driven world. It’s actually always been that way. Businesses of all sizes have long understood that knowing what their customers want enables them to deliver a product that that meets or exceeds expectations. But now, data has gone into overdrive. Data is the Big Daddy of decision-making in organisations across the globe. At BiD Masters, we believe big data is big business and it represents big opportunities.   So what is big…

Being clear: The value of asking the right questions within tender documentation

On the face of it, responding to a tender isn’t a complicated process. The buyer – the organisation that owns the project – provides a set of questions and the seller – the company wanting to work on the project – answers the questions. What’s so difficult about that?   Well, a number of things. At BiD Masters, we suspect we’ve seen them all.   The biggest issue on the buyer’s side revolves around the sheer complexity of tender documents.…