Defence Vehicle Dynamics Event by DE&S

DVD2018 – Millbrook, Bedfordshire 19 – 20 SEPTEMBER 2018 The Defence Vehicle Dynamic event (DVD2018) organised by the Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S), a highly specialised and essential part of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), brings together industry and Defence in the land equipment sector to develop ideas and generate greater understanding of technologies, capabilities and
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Structured Criteria Development

Structured Criteria Development is employed by a number of organisations to ensure that their selection process is as objective as possible and that the selected supplier will fulfil all of the key requirements of the contract. Creating the tender document with a set of specific criteria allows the evaluators to focus on the response to these,
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AWARD® Video

AWARD® is a widely used tool for managing the procurement process and evaluation, watch the video below to understand why:


AWARD® Bid Evaluation Tool

AWARD® is a software tool, developed by Commerce Decisions, to support strategic business decisions, from procurement and supplier review to bid preparation and strategy. Alongside our own REWARD© Methodology and the expertise of our team members, the AWARD® Bid Evaluation Tool helps to develop the larger scale bids, supporting the strategic business decisions. We understand the
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