Generic Noun for the Bid and Proposal Profession

Following on from the Rough Guide to the Bid and Proposal Profession, I have spent some time considering the problem of the lack of a generic noun for our profession.   Research Looking at other professions, there appears to be a number of ways the noun is built up. The most common is to revise the ending of either the topic or the verb: Topics, such as music, law, accounts, art, politics, beauty Verbs, such as write, design, teach, train,…

Rough Guide to the Bid and Proposal Profession

Having been a bid and proposal professional for many years, I’m naturally very familiar with what we do, but there are many people completely unaware of the existence of the profession. I’ve prepared this rough guide to provide an insight into what it’s all about. It is aimed at a broad audience, including those doing the work without realising it’s a profession, as it’s part of their normal job role, and companies that need to tender for new work but…

Is the Juice Worth The Squeeze?

A common frustration, particularly in public sector bids, is that the effort required to bid for a £5 million contract is often similar to the effort required for one worth £50 million or more. Sometimes it can even be greater, as while the number of documents, responses and artefacts required is roughly the same, the time available to create and collate these is frequently much less for lower value opportunities. Often bid/no-bid decisions focus on the ability to deliver against…

Defence and Security Accelerator

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) was launched in December 2016 with the aim of identifying and funding innovations that support UK defence and security. In its first 12 months it received over 700 proposals and provided funding to 147. On the face of it this is encouraging for many in the aerospace, defence, and technology sectors, but accessing this funding can remain a challenge. The MOD has restated its commitment to increase the amount of money it spends with…

AWARD® Bid Evaluation Tool

Alongside our own REWARD® Methodology and the expertise of our team members, the AWARD® Bid Evaluation Tool helps to develop the larger scale bids, supporting the strategic business decisions. We understand the potential AWARD®can unlock when it comes to bids, and are experienced AWARD® users.     Between the team, Bid Masters has over years 20 years in the Tender Industry, whilst using AWARD®, and as a company, can agree that the process can be daunting and mistakes can be costly. AWARD® simply puts…

MOD SME Action Plan

“We want to encourage innovation and wider Small and Medium sized Enterprise participation throughout our supply chain and will continue to pursue policies and practices that make it easier for new and smaller businesses to identify, compete for and win opportunities with the Ministry of Defence.”   Stuart Andrew MP Minister for Defence Procurement   This is an extract from the MOD SME Action Plan showing a breakdown of where the MOD spent its money in 2017/18. Which segment does…