Business Groups
Decades of experience focussed into specific Business Groups

We focus on achieving the highest score, based on the requirements of the contract and the expertise of the company.


Our approach is applicable to all sectors and all sizes of organisations and contracts. However, we have grouped some specific areas into Business Groups where we have proven extensive expertise. This provides the additional benefit of comprehensive understanding of the individual industries.


  • Transportation: Public transportation by land, sea and air, together with the supporting infrastructure and services.


  • Defence and Security: All aspects of international defence and security, including land, sea, air and cyber assets. 


  • Information Technology and Communications: Design, development, implementation and support of high tech systems.


  • Built Environment: Construction and Facilities Management.


  • Engineering and Manufacturing: Design, development, manufacturing and maintenance of a wide variety of assets.


  • Energy: Traditional and renewable energy production and maintenance.


  • Professional Services: Legal and Financial services.  


Our skills are transferable, so we welcome clients from any sector.