Decades of experience has evolved into our collective culture of success

We focus on achieving the highest score, based on the requirements of the contract and the expertise of the company.


This approach is applicable to all sectors and all sizes of contracts, so we don’t segment by sector; we divide our clients into four categories to suit their needs:


  • Corporates: Most of our larger clients are multi-faceted international corporations delivering high-technology solutions in a variety of sectors. For these clients, we provide a bespoke service, tailored precisely to their requirements.


  • SMEs: We understand our SME clients have tighter budgets for business development activities, so we offer fixed-price packages to give them certainty on their spend.


  • Not for Profit(NFP): Bidding for funding is equally as challenging as bidding for contracts, but the same disciplines and skills are required. We offer our NFP clients the option of a fixed-price package or a contingent fee option.


  • Professional Awards: This option is for either companies or individuals wishing to be nominated for awards in recognition of their achievements. 


 With the diversity of our clients, our experience spans a number of sectors, including:


  • Defence
  • Transport
  • Technology
  • Aviation
  • Maritime
  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Education and training


Our skills are transferable too, so we welcome clients from any sector.