Many of our clients know what they are looking for to fill a gap in their team, so we tailor our team to meet their needs.

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Fixed Price

To augment our bespoke service, we have collected together various aspects of our services and bundled them into useful packages that reflect the needs of a variety of our clients.

To meet the needs of clients that need a bundle of support we have created three fixed price packages for contract values under £2m.

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On-demand framework

For clients who need support on-demand, our subscription framework is the ideal solution. We act as your outsourced bidding department. The monthly fee provides you with the essential services you anticipate you will need. We then provide you with preferential rates for additional support, when needed. You also get first call on our services to ensure your competitors don’t benefit from our advice, guidance and support, when competing for the same opportunity.

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Executive Summaries

Often they are not requested, but they are always essential. We specialise in producing compelling documents that influences evaluators mindset. They also acts as:

  • Place to describe your overall solution and approach
  • Sales brochures
  • Customer briefing documents
  • Stakeholders briefing documents
  • Internal briefing document

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Bid Production Studio

Have you ever thought how good it would be to have a dedicated bid production studio, equipped with everything you need and with bid professionals on hand? Or perhaps a place to go to take the bid from final review through to the completed document?

That’s what we thought too, so our facility has been specifically designed for bid production, based on our extensive (and on some cases painful!) experience of preparing proposals and tenders.

If you need a bid room at short notice and on weekly terms, then come to the BiD Masters Bid Production Studio.

Fully inclusive rate is just £495 +VAT per week.

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Individual Workshops

There are many reasons why our clients benefit from our workshops. They may be new to bidding, they may want an independent view of a previous submission, or they may want help with capture planning.

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