27 MAY 19
AWARD® Bid Evaluation Tool

Alongside our own REWARD® Methodology and the expertise of our team members, the AWARD® Bid Evaluation Tool helps to develop the larger scale bids, supporting the strategic business decisions. We understand the potential AWARD®can unlock when it comes to bids, and are experienced AWARD® users.



Between the team, Bid Masters has over years 20 years in the Tender Industry, whilst using AWARD®, and as a company, can agree that the process can be daunting and mistakes can be costly. AWARD® simply puts you in control.


The benefits to using the AWARD® bid evaluation tool are as follows:


Easy to deploy and use software:

  • Most users need little or no training
  • Uses latest web technology; thin client so no client install – local or hosted servers available
  • Best practice procurement process templates de-risk and speed up project set up and deployment


Controls the process:

  • Each team member completes their tasks with the appropriate AWARD® tools, content and guidance
  • Monitor the evaluation status in real time – user status reports showing completed and outstanding tasks


Visualise the results:

  • Visualise the overall results in real time or drill down to the details of the evaluator inputs
  • Reports allow rapid identification of bidder strengths and weaknesses and links to supporting evidence


Speeds up the ‘award of contract’ process:

  • Speeds up the preparation – with best practice project templates containing: work flow, criteria, scoring schemes and standard reporting output
  • Bidders can respond electronically, on-line
  • Brings the team together securely over the internet – in the preparation, evaluation and negotiation processes


Delivers improved value for money:

  • Catch serious commercial, legal or technical issues early (well before negotiation starts)
  • Visualise the contract value from multiple viewpoints (compliance, confidence, risk, innovation, etc)


Defends decisions: 

  • Automatically builds up an audit trail throughout the evaluation process
  • Provides hard evidence to justify the choice – including ‘Smart Links’ to tender documents and other evidence

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