Bid Guidance
Providing guidance to help bid team be more efficient and effective

In many bid rooms work is being done, but it is not achieving progress.


guidance and advice

Progress is defined as “Develop towards an improved or more advanced condition.” 


Our team of experts is on hand to guide your team to achieve success. Typically, the guidance provided includes:

  • Bid management
  • Bid/No bid decisions
  • Response planning
  • Facilitating workshops and meetings
  • Steering the review process


Typical guidance we provide during the bid production phase includes:


Response Outline with guidance

To ensure the response meets the requirements of the ITT/RFP, we structure an outline response with guidance on how to complete the document to achieve the highest score.


Response Review

Once your subject matter experts have populated the response documents, we review them and provide our assessment of how it will score, together with guidance on potential improvements.



Our cloud-based tools, developed over many years, enable you to control and track the progress of your response.


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