BiD Masters – Response Planning

Fully understanding the question is key to creating a compelling answer. Our proposal architects are specialists in analysing solicitation documents to interpret the questions and the scoring mechanism. From this they structure the response outline to ensure all aspects are fully addressed.

Understanding AWARD® has become a fundamental requirement for most capture managers, as the way to respond to requests for proposals has changed significantly. The traditional approach of writing a long narrative “story” will no longer score the marks required to win contracts. Failing to structure a proposal in the correct way could be a costly mistake.

“…our proposal was awarded the highest overall score according to Section 3: Evaluation and Annex H: Evaluation and Assessment methodology. Thank you for all your expertise and guidance during the proposal develop stage.  Your inputs were invaluable.”

The BiD Masters team has a wealth of experience working with AWARD®, and as such can help you to understand the structure of the response required, the nuances in the scoring mechanism and the right way to respond to these all important “AWARD Questions.” Don’t leave these questions until the end, they need to be the basis of your response, so get advice early to avoid wasted effort, rework and panic as the submission deadline looms.

Our REWARD® methodology was developed with AWARD® in mind and derives from our expertise in the use of the tool and how to create the most effective response, so increasing your win probability.

We previously supported Commerce Decisions to deliver consultancy support for AWARD® so you can be assured that we understand how it works and how to structure your bid in the right way.