BiD Masters – Document Production

The importance of document formatting

We believe that a well-structured document that is formatted correctly is one of the keys to success, hence we pay a lot of attention to document formatting.

All documentation, particularly customer facing documents such as an RFP/ITT response, says something to the outside world about your business.Template Screenshot 2

First, there is the substance or content of the document – the tangible bit.

Secondly, there is the equally important look and feel of the document – the less tangible, more subliminal bit.

The problem is that if you get the latter bit wrong a potential customer may not even read the ‘important bit’. Even if they do, they may have already formed a subconscious opinion that will put doubt in their mind about the suitability of your business as a supplier or partner, simply because of the presentation of your document.

We have some of the bid world’s most experienced Word experts available to provide document formatting support, templates and documentation consultancy, to make your bid stand out from the crowd for the right reasons, rather than the wrong ones