BiD Masters – Bid Management

Highly Effective Bid Management

We are passionate about employing the most current and appropriate methods and tools for the job. We ensure that we are ahead of the competition and are up to date with the latest technique for tender, REWARD®.

REWARD<sup>®</sup>For us, staying up to date is not enough, so we decided to go one further. Through research, training and experience, we developed the REWARD® contract acquisition methodology, that sets the standard for increasing win probability, whilst improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business development teams. It sets a defined structure for the tender document and ensures rapid organisational knowledge gains and therefore, a complete bid, which meets all requirements. Taking advantage of our team of experts, the REWARD® principles will utilise all of their skill sets to ensure that the bid will outshine all other bids.
We believe that reviews are a vital stage in the process to ensure the solution is correct and response is in line with the evaluation criteria. It should not just be a high level edit of spelling and grammar. Because of this, we have developed a 3-stage review strategy that ensures that the review team is focused appropriately and provides valuable feedback and advice to further increase the bids chances of success. We provide experienced independent reviewers to participate and we provide a detailed brief to the review team.

Our services range from being that added resource to mentor and augment your team, through to acting as your virtual business development department. We also offer a training service for organisations. Our experienced and skilled team consists of bid managers, bid writers, reviewers, proofreaders, editors and graphic designers who are all familiar with the principles of REWARD®. With over 20 years in the tendering industry, our experts are used to all situations and levels of response detail. This is why our services are employed by a wide range of companies from SMEs to some of the largest multinational corporations.

To find out how we can assist you with a REWARD® based contract acquisition complete the enquiry form or call us on: 01243 535063.