Meet the BiD Masters Team

With decades of experience establishing a contract winning culture, our team seamlessly integrates alongside your own, assisting your bid team to capture and communicate your solutions more powerfully.

Our support is delivered via custom-built teams of specialists comprised to meet the requirements of each unique project, and complement and enhance the skills of your existing core team. Our team are all vastly experienced in working in the defence sector, supporting on a range of contract acquisition activities, as well as bids across other enterprise projects including infrastructure, transport, and energy.

Our services are best used as part of a holistic approach from the capture planning stage, but alternatively our flexible way of working enables you to select from a range of modular skill sets to fill the gaps in your current bid project.

We can offer you the following roles:

  • Proposal Architect
  • Bid Management Specialist
  • Bid Content Specialist
  • Bid Production Specialist
  • Branding Specialist
  • Communications Specialist

With a primary focus on the preparation of the submission documents, we guide, advise and support bid teams through the entire capture process.

Our team provide on-demand skills in:

  • Copywriting and proofreading
  • Document design and formatting
  • Document management and version control
  • Technical illustration
  • Photography and videography including drone photography
  • Video editing including technical animation
  • Printing and reprographics
  • Project management and planning support
  • Management consultancy for building bid teams and optimising your organisation’s strategy for winning

Find out more about our team of bid specialists below: