BiD Masters – REWARD® Packages – helping you to prepare a winning proposal

Are you confident that you will be able to prepare a winning proposal?
Are you fully prepared and ready to respond to the ITT or RFP as soon as it arrives?

Would you benefit from gaining advice, guidance and support from BiD Masters to improve the quality of your proposals and consequently improve your contract win probability?

Then take a look at our standard REWARD® packages. They provide the essentials to set your bid response off in the most efficient and effective way. All for a fixed low price, based on the expected complexity, which we have aligned to the contract value. Our standard REWARD® packages include:

      • ITT/RFP analysis
      • Book plan
      • Bid schedule
      • Branded Word document template
      • Outline response with guidance
      • Response review
      • Final formatting
      • Final proofreading
      • Unlimited access to the BiD Masters help desk

ITT/RFP analysis

As soon as the request arrives we will analyse it and provide you with a report on the key information you need in order to respond in a complete, compliant and compelling way.

Book plan 

Using our bespoke cloud-based tools, we will create a basic book plan to ensure your proposal is complete. You will be able to use this to track progress and maintain control of your response documents.

Bid schedule

Based on our extensive experience, we will create a bid production schedule that will achieve the submission deadline. This will be created in our cloud-based tool and accessible on line.

Branded Word document template

To give your proposal the professional look, we will design a Word template that is branded appropriately and meets the requirements specified in the ITT/RFP.

Outline response with guidance

To ensure the response meets the requirements of the ITT/RFP, we will structure the response document with appropriate heading, under which we will include guidance on how to respond to achieve the highest score.

Response review

Once your subject matter experts have populated your response, we will review your response and provide you with our assessment of how it will score, together with advice on how it could be improved.

Final proofreading

Before the submission is finalised we will proof read it for grammar and spelling.

Final formatting

As the final step we will format the document to ensure that it looks as good as it possibly can.

Unlimited access to our help desk

Throughout the duration of the response preparation you will have unlimited access to the BiD Masters Help Desk by phone, email or our on-line request form.


Contract Value

REWARD® Package Price *

Up to £100,000


£100k to £250k


£250k to £500k


£0.5m to £1m


£1m to £2m


*Prices are exclusive of travel and VAT