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Alone is hard, together is better

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The BiD Masters® name is synonymous with excellence in the bid and proposal profession and our business model – unique in the bid and proposal profession – licences others to trade under the BiD Masters brand as Network Partners, using the REWARD® methodology and tools.

specialist provide advice guidance and support

Providing professional outsourced support to organisations in the preparation of bids and proposals is a burgeoning industry. Outsourced support is delivered predominantly by independent contractors using their own standards, methodologies and practices. As such, agencies mainly draw from the pool of independent contractors.

Where’s the opportunity?

The BiD Masters Network is based on proven franchising principles, adapted to suit the unique nature of the profession and the way in which our services are provided. In joining the network, each Network Partner operates as an independent business, under the BiD Masters brand. Work is delivered in accordance with the Operations Manual and can be subcontracted to other Network Partners where necessary.

Why should I become a Network Partner?

Alone is hard, together is better.

Network Partners have the opportunity to:

  • Build an independent sustainable business under the BiD Masters brand
  • Source work from national accounts and other Network Partners
  • Develop their own client base
  • Deliver work through their own expertise and that of the Network Partners when a larger team is needed
  • Develop and grow through interaction with other Network Partners
  • Draw on a support network to deliver in line with best practice.


Individuals with specific skills can expand their business, agencies can draw on a pool of specialists delivery to consistent standards and entrepreneurial individuals can use their contacts to generate business to be delivered by the Network.

Although the nature of franchising is to implement strict operating methods to ensure consistency, we recognise Network Partners may have diverse existing arrangements. This is covered in our Network Partners Agreement.

What are the benefits?

Winning business is easier as part of a recognised brand, with recommended charge-out rates set centrally. Network Partners can accept work beyond their capability or capacity, which they can subcontract to other Network Partners. Additional work from the network provides further revenue opportunities, which comes from:

  • The Franchisor, who holds national accounts and subcontracts work to Network Partners
  • Network Partners, who subcontract work when they require additional capabilities or capacity.


This is an opportunity to demonstrate best practice, enhance consistency and increase recognition across the profession. Devolving the business provides the opportunity to reach a larger audience of prospective clients. In turn, this provides sustainable, long-term business for Network Partners.

Our Network Partners benefit from the synergistic relationship with other partners, working under a single brand. In winning business, they know they can call on people with consistent standards to help deliver the work.

BiD Masters Network Partners are able to work in a way that suits their lifestyle and ambitions. They can operate as a full-time business, finding and delivering work, or work in a way that suits their level of commitment. This could be part-time work, only delivering work or only finding clients. There are no guarantees in business, but becoming a BiD Masters Network Partner significantly increases the potential of building a successful and sustainable business.

Existing independent contractors can reduce the uncertainty and pressures associated with the peaks and troughs of work, with the support of a team.

For new contractors, becoming a BiD Masters Network Partner provides a handrail in making the transition from employment to self-employment. Network Partners receive support setting up their business, immediate recognition as a known brand, training, a launch marketing package and the prospect of work from other Network Partners.

For agencies, resourcing issues are resolved through becoming a Network Partner.  It’s tough for agencies to strike the balance between employing staff and using contractors, while delivering to existing clients and achieving the necessary growth to develop the business. A Network Partner has access to a broad team across all bid disciplines to ensure team availability, no matter how large, small, long or short a contract may be.

An Outline of the Benefits


  • Training to operate the business in accordance with the BiD Masters Operations Manual
  • APMP Foundation Certification training, including the exam fee
  • Access to a wide range of standard documents, policies, procedures and tools
  • Being part of a team for support, advice, regular get-togethers
  • Presence on the BiD Masters website
  • Centralised promotion
  • Network Support Hub
  • Membership of APMP
  • Purchasing power


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